Introvit Layer & Grower Premix


Contains per 2.5 kg powder :

Vitamin A retinol- acetate

8000000 IU

Vitamin D3 choleciferol

2500000 IU

Vitamin E a-tocopherol acetate

1200 mg

Vitamin K3, menadione sodium bisulphate

1500 mg

Vitamin B1, thiamine nitrate

1500 mg

Vitamin B2, riboflavine

4000 mg

Vitamin B6, phridoxine hydrochloride

100 mg

Vitamin B12, cyanocobalamin

15 mg

Pantothenic acid

6000 mg

Nicotinic acid

12000 mg

Folic acid

250 mg

Choline chloride

150000 mg

Iron (Fe)

40000 mg

Manganese (Mn)

80000 mg

Copper (Cu)

10000 mg

Zinc (Zn)

50000 mg

Iodine (I)

1500 mg

Cobalt (Co)

500 mg

Selenium (Se)

150 mg

Anti- oxidant

5000 mg

Carrier ad

2500 mg

Multivitamins and Growth Promotants
750 kg

Vitamin Micromineral additive for veterinary use only

Storage: Dark and dry at room temperature ( 15-25 C )

Vitamin A, B,D3, K3, E and mineral deficiencies in poultry.

for oral administration.

Poultry: Layers & Growers: 2.5 kg per 1000 kg feed.

Withdrawal time: None.


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