Claforan 1g IV/IM injection

Each vial contains:

Cefotaxime ............... 1g
Anti Bacterial Agents
Box containing: one vial of Cefotaxime and WFI
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Severe infections caused by cefotaxime-sensitive pathogens:

1. Infections of the respiratory tract, including nose and throat.

2. Infections of the ear.

3. Infections of the kidney and urinary tract.

4. Infections of skin and soft tissues.

5. Infections of the bones and joints.

6. Infections of the genital organs, including gonorrhoea. (Claforan 0.5 g and Claforan 1.0 g are used in treatment of gonorrhoea in adults).

7. Infections of the abdominal region (Peritonitis, infections of the bile ductsand GIT).

8. Sepsis, endocarditis and meningitis.

9. Gynacological and obstetric infections.

10. Infections of burns and other injuries.

11. For prophylaxis of infections in patients with reduced resistance (e.g. under immunosuppressivr treatment or in the presence of neutropenia).

Surgical prophylaxis:

1. Gastrointestinal surgary.

2. Genitourinary surgary.

3. Obstetric and gynacological surgary.

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