Norodine 24 injection

Each ml contains:

Sulphadiazine ..... 200mg

Trimenthoprim ...... 40mg

preservative: chlorocresol ...... 1mg

Anti Bacterial Agents
A clear yellow aqueous solution for parenteral administration
Norodine 24 is indicated for the treatment of acute, subacute and chronic conditions of bacterial origin in hourses, cattle, sheep, pigs , dogs and cats.

The therapeutic spectrum includens both Gram-negative bacteria including streptococci, staphyiococci, Actinobacilli, Actinomycae, salmonella, pasteurella, pneumococci, proteus, E.coli, corynebacteria, vibro, Brodetella, klebsiellae and Haemophilae.

It is also indicated in species where there may be an existing antibiotic drug resistance.

Norodine 24 may be administered in respiratory infections of bacterial origin including rhinitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and in bacterial infections secondary to viral disease such as viral pneumia or mycoplasma infections.

It is also indicated in urogenital tact infections (cystitis, vaginitis, urethritis, nephritis and metritis)and alimentary tract infections (including neonatal diarrhea and salmonellas).other infections include foul-in-the-foot, severe mastitis, bacterial agalactia of sows, and infections of eye, ear and mouth.


Dosage and administration:

For cattle, sheep and pigs the dose is 1ml per 16kg body weight daily by intramuscular or slow intravenous injection.

Norodine 24 may be administered by intravenous injectin when rapid blood levels of sulphadizine and trimethoprim are required.

For hourses the dose is 1ml per 16kg body weight by subcutaneous injection.

For dogs and cats 1ml per 8kg bodyweigt, by subcutaneous injection only. the recommended site in dogs is the loose skin at the top of the neck.

A single injection may be sufficient in uncomplicated conditions, but in severe infections it may be repeated for up to 5 days,or until 2 days after the symptoms resolve.

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